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Poziv za PSi #16

Nakon uspjeha ovogodišnje konferencije koja se održala u Zagrebu, PSi seli u Toronto te poziva zainteresirane da prijave predavanja, shifte i dr.
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Iduća konferencija 16. je po redu, a posvećena je temi 'performing publics', te planira preispitivati može li izvedba 'preoblikovati, ponovno ojačati i intervenirati u javnoj sferi 21. stoljeća'.

Konferenciju zajednički organiziraju York University's Faculty of Fine Arts i Ontario College of Art i Design, a održavat će se od 9. do 13. lipnja 2010., istovremeno s festivalom Luminato, koji okuplja umjetnike iz različitih područja: glazbe, plesa, kazališta, filma, književnosti i vizualnih umjetnosti, te će sudionici konferencije također imati prilike proučiti i izbivanja na festivalu.

Prijave za predavanja i panele primaju se do 15. studenog, a više o temama, kao i smjernice možete pronaći u originalnom pozivu u nastavku teksta. Prijavnice se nalaze na službenoj stranici konferencije, a upite organizatorima možete slati na

Zagrebačka je konferencija kao novi oblik konferencijskog programa uvela tzv. shifte, koje je Toronto također odlučio preuzeti. Rok za prijavu za shifte je 1. studeni.

Osim službenog poziva, Graduate Students Comittee također je uputio poziv za sudjelovanje svim studentima na diplomskoj i postdiplomskoj razini koji bi htjeli sudjelovati u mogućoj shifti zamišljenoj u formi cabareta. Njihov poziv također možete pronaći u nastavku teksta, a rok je do 25. listopada.

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PSi 16 Performing Publics
9-13 June 2010

PSi 16, Performing Publics, will take place in Toronto as part of a
collaboration between York University's Faculty of Fine Arts and the
Ontario College of Art & Design.

The conference will investigate the power of performance to intervene
in, reshape, and reinvigorate the public sphere at the beginning of the
twenty-first century. We invite proposals that take up notions of
in a variety of ways, pointing to the critically generative and fraught
aspects of the term as it has been adopted within performance studies.

The conference will theorize the relationship between performance,
"official" public culture (public culture framed and sanctioned by state
and/or corporate institutions), and the production of what Michael
Warner calls "counter-publics" (social formations developed in
opposition to the discourses and interests of the official public
sphere). As such, it will explore the coming together of individuals as
a social totality - as a community, nation, organization, etc. - and the
enactment of public as a form of social activism, as a means of
rehearsing, querying, and producing alternative forms of local and
global citizenship. In both contexts, performance has the potential to
frame affective and critically nuanced responses to public events,
issues and crises and thus to model politically and ethically engaged
forms of public life. The conference also seeks to problematize the idea
of "publics" as it has been applied to performance by exploring the
limitations of this term and the kinds of social exclusions that it
often has been used to rationalize.

Guiding questions will include: How are we hailed by various publics,
and how does this shape our behaviors and social interactions? How are
publics spatially and temporally constituted? In what ways do publics
participate in forms of activism, civic engagement, and "poetic
world-making" (Warner)?
What affects and effects are produced by such utopian interventions? Our
discussion of these issues will reflect the vibrant history of urban
intervention and "public spacing" movements in Toronto in which artists
and activists have worked together to change the shape of our shared
local and civic spaces.

Proposals might address (but are not limited to):

- publics and counter-publics

- issues of public space

- performance and civic engagement

- performance as an act of public witness

- performance and public relations

- the audience (live or virtual) as public

- public events: rallies, protests, flash mobs, etc.

- the relationship between the public and the private

- the role of gender, sexuality, race, and class in performing

- public feelings and affects

- performative utopias and utopian performatives

- site-specific performance and urban intervention

The conference will be staged during Toronto's annual Luminato Festival,
and will provide several opportunities for participants to experience
and reflect on its dynamic arts programming. Luminato is a
multidisciplinary festival that celebrates music, dance, theatre, film,
literature, and the visual arts, and showcases the work of local,
national, and international artists.  As part of its mandate to offer
"accidental encounters with art,"
Luminato is committed to presenting a variety of free events in public
spaces. These public art projects run concurrently with exciting
performance premieres at venues throughout the city.

Paper proposals (Due November 15):

Proposals for individual papers should include a 250-word abstract.
Conference papers are normally allotted 20 minutes. Traditional and
performative papers are welcome.

Panel proposals (Due November 15):

Panel proposals and proposals for other discursive formats (roundtable
discussions, position papers, etc.) should include a 250-word abstract,
along with the names, paper titles (if applicable) and affiliations of
participants. Panels are normally allotted 1.5-2 hours. Proposals that
interweave traditional and performative papers are welcome.

Shift proposals (Due November 1):

Continuing the explorations of PSi 15, we invite proposals for "shifts":

innovative session formats that push the boundaries of the
well-constructed panel. These may include workshops, performances, and
interactive events. We welcome shifts that engage with "Performing
Publics"-e.g., site-specific projects that activate public space, the
urban landscape, or the immediate environs of the conference site.
Proposals should include a 250-word abstract. Please note that shifts
and panels will receive the same basic level of AV support, and there
will be a limited number of places for shifts at PSi 16.

All proposals should be submitted online by filling out the PSi 16
"Proposal Form" at:

Questions about the conference can be directed to:

*   *   *

Call for PERFORMANCES. PSi 2010 Toronto

Acting on a desire voiced at PSi 2009 in the graduate student committee meeting, we hereby invite applications from graduate students who would like to participate in a graduate student cabaret event at PSi 2010 in Toronto.

We are interested in providing graduate students with a space to showcase rigorous artistic and performance work that might not otherwise find a venue at the PSi conference.  We invite proposals that utilize the Cabaret format in its widest sense: a performance salon placing visual art, dance, poetry, video, audio, puppetry, performance, and theater together in front of an audience.  We are hoping to use this format to test the boundaries between theory and practice, to engage with the conference theme "Performing Publics," and stage performances that interrogate the notions of performance, studies, and the international.

If you would like to be part of the show – and, seriously, who wouldn’t want to be – then please submit the name of your group or piece, a contact person and their contact information, and also a short (three sentence) description of your proposed performance.  Include a summary of the number of performers, any items you will bring on stage with you and/or any required set up as part of the event. This event will be submitted to PSi as a shift panel.

30 seconds to 10 minutes max
In the fine tradition of Cabaret, we are a ‘no tech’ show, so do not expect to have access to a change of lighting or sophisticated sound.
We will request a sound system and data projector, and will entertain special requests for equipment on a case by case basis.

We are also seeking stage managers, staff, and technical assistance, so if you want to be involved without getting into the limelight, please contact us!

Inquiries must be received by October 25 to ensure a timely submission to PSi!

Direct inquiries and applications to:


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